It's more than just our office space.

It's a place to collaborate, share ideas, and grow our businesses and community.

Inspired by its ties to Rochester’s renowned garment industry, the Outfit Collective threads several organizations together in a unique space dedicated to bring positive change to Rochester.

Together, we will make our city a better place to live, work, and play.


Buckingham Properties

Michaels-stern building

Buckingham Properties and the Glazer family have a history of taking existing spaces (large and small) and redeveloping them for great uses. Legacy Tower, Tower280, Buckingham Commons, and Water Street Commons are just a few of the spaces they've transformed into amazing commercial and residential spaces. We're inspired by their dedication and commitment to the city of Rochester.



As a collective of multiple diverse businesses and entrepreneurs, we hope to create and share events that can inspire the community, connect resources to other entrepreneurs and startups, and have a ton of fun. Be on the lookout for movies, lectures, and various social gatherings listed on the calendar

Have an idea to partner up? Contact us.


Jason & Stefanie Schwingle, the Rochesteriat

Jason and Stefanie have been producing and writing the Rochesteriat online city guide since 2014. The blog focuses on all the old, new, great, beautiful, undiscovered, well-known things of our city. Their mission is to change the city by being a proactive participant in it.

You may have seen them hosting the popular Movies with a Downtown View every summer in the MLK Jr. Memorial Park, riding "Rocky" around town, or out and about supporting the amazing local businesses in the city of Rochester, NY. They are also the creators and managers of the Outfit Collective and are active members of the Washington Square Park Neighborhood Association.

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breanna banford, yelp rochester

As Yelp Rochester’s Community Director, Breanna focuses on bringing our local Yelp community offline by connecting people to great local businesses hosting events, establishing marketing partnerships, and supporting business owner outreach in the Rochester area.

Yelp is a review website and free mobile app that connects you to great local businesses. Find the best of Rochester from bars to burgers and events by visiting Yelp or download the free mobile app. Yelpers are foodies, socialites, culture vultures, and influencers in their social circles. They uncover the best places to dine, drink, shop, and explore.




Shawn is a multi-disciplinary creative force for change. His experience as a Director, Producer, Designer, Maker, Influencer, Developer, and Artist give him the opportunity to establish cutting edge, creative design in a variety of forms. 

DUNWOODĒ "duhn-woo-dee" Visual Consulting is a multi-award winning design-based strategic art team, that takes a creative approach to brand enhancement for organizations in the public and private realm: innovate, inspire, and implement original concepts and bring them to life. 

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Danielle is the founder of Deelightful Studios, a boutique social media agency working with brands around the globe from right here in Rochester.

From soup to nuts managing a brand's presence on social media to partnering with agencies to help execute fully-integrated campaigns, Deelightful Studios provides the strategy, content development, advertising, and optimization services across the social media landscape. 

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Ben Mcdonald, beer otaku

Ben is a marketer, entrepreneur, craft beer drinker, and city enthusiast. He runs Beer Otaku, an online portal for everything craft beer around Western New York. 

You can hear his radio show on WAYO 104.3FM radio every Saturday morning from 10a-11am discussing beer, local watering holes, and the state of Rochester's craft brewing landscape. 

You can also find him on Facebook

Rochester Rocks.jpg

Linh Phillips, sir rocha says

Linh Phillips is the founder & author behind Sir Rocha Says, a local food & drink blog dedicated to helping our community discover new experiences. Visit the blog to find local eateries in the area and get ready to fall in love with Rochester.

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Sean is a DIGITAL STRATEGIST and social media manager. 

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Cooper Studio is a full-service design studio servicing Rochester, NY and its surrounding area. Following a degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in New York City, Katie has worked in the interior design field for the last decade. Her experiences range from small E-design projects and color consultations to full kitchen & bath renovations and high-end editorial spaces. 

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Ben Woelk, Slow Road Consulting

Ben is the founder and creator of Slow Road Consulting and Slow Road Travel. You may have seen his work with Rochester's very first Parklet coming to the city, as well as the Parcel 5 proposal, Rochester Visionary Square

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The Outfit Collective is located at the Michaels-Stern Building, in the heart of downtown. The building has a rich history as the manufacturing facility, offices and retail operation for the Michaels-Stern, Co. from 1893 when it was built until it was closed in 1972. The company was a leading manufacturer of men's suits and apparel.

We choose downtown.

Of course we could be out in the 'burbs, but we sure do like a good challenge. And by golly, downtown is full of them. It's also full of untapped potential with unlimited opportunities that allow us to develop our talents, grow our organizations, and affect change in the city around us.

Question is, are YOU up for the challenge?