Into the New Year...


This is a post repurposed from our January 6th post on the Rochesteriat:

Happy New Year! 

Starting around early to mid-December, Stefanie and I start thinking about plans for the upcoming year and writing our goals down. Yes, that's right - we write our goals down on paper. We've found it's the only real way to make the goals concrete, and once we've written them down, it keeps us on the path to sticking to them.

This year we wanted to communicate our 2017 plans and goals for the Rochesteriat with our readers by quickly posting three things that we'll attempt to do - or tweak - in this new year. That, again, will keep us on the path to goal accomplishment, and hopefully we'll be able to check off each of these at the end of the year. 

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Jason is co-founder of the Rochesteriat and Director of the Outfit Collective. Want to really start living YOUR life? Downtown is where it's at! Check out our RESOURCES and CONTACT US for more information. 

Welcome to the Outfit Collective!

Some of you may know that earlier this year, Stefanie and I moved the Rochesteriat into an amazing office space of a historic brick building kitty-corner to St. Joseph's Park. Better yet, we're not alone in the space, because we've invited a bunch of our friends to join us and share in the experience. 

We'd like to officially welcome you to the Outfit Collective at the Michaels-Stern Building, our shared office space in downtown Rochester. We'd love to give you a peek inside.

Thanks to Collective member and amaze-ball friend Linh Phillips (Sir Rocha Says) and her sister-in-law, Chelsea Phillips, for creating the awesome logo for us. 

The Collective is an expansive space on the fourth floor of the Michaels-Stern building, featuring exposed brick and original beams, and has a beautiful view north of the colorful St. Paul Quarter, all the way over to St. Joseph's Park

We love all of the natural sunlight that shines in through the huge windows. 


Our space was outfitted with a reclaimed wood table made possible by Shawn Dunwoody (coffee station), a lounge area with chairs, sofa, mini fridge, as well as some greenery to liven it up.

Work spaces are dispersed throughout the area, including dedicated space for those that are here most often, and white IKEA desks and chairs for our part-time members. 

The large, middle conference desk/area was made possible by our friend Eric Nagle, the talented owner of Standard Concrete Co. Amongst many other things, he also is the owner of the building that houses Fuego Coffee in downtown.

Eric made this desk of slabs of plywood and a custom, solid metal frame. He does custom work for homes, offices, and businesses and you should definitely check out his work. You're likely to have seen his work in Fuego and elsewhere else around town that is cool.

The hanging lights overhead the conference area add a touch of glow to the space.

So what's the purpose of this space, you ask? 

Aside from being an office space for creatives and entrepreneurs, we really want to utilize the Outfit Collective as a meeting point (both private and public) to brainstorm and share ideas, define and refine our plans for implementation and execution of said ideas, and create a community of do'ers that will make the city an overall better place to be. 

You can expect to hear more out of the Outfit Collective in the weeks and months to come, so please stay tuned...

Jason is co-founder of the Rochesteriat and Director of the Outfit Collective. Want to bring your organization downtown? Check out our RESOURCES and CONTACT US for more information.